Kathy Heyndels & Marios Togos with a groundbreaking show at AXDW

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Kathy Heyndels and Marios Togos presented their summer collections at AXDW with an alternative catwalk inspired by the -Drive in-1960s. An innovative show without giant screens other than girls wearing the latest Kathy Heyndels creations , influenced by the 1960s and imprinted on the present, paraded on a huge catwalk in front of the audience watching the show from inside their cars.

Timeless sets that are light and easy to wear in affordable collections, with innovative cuts, which, always following the trends of the time, arouse interest.

Designs in bright colors that create contrasts, in Printed and mix & mach.
Emphasized tears in the legs, revealing openings in the chest, waist or back but with elegance and feminine clean lines.
Evening dresses in silk air muslins that inspire a romantic mystery in a soft and simple style.
The creations of Marios Togos from the new Streetwear collection of “Str.Culture” with special textures, colors and designs were also presented on the catwalk.

Playful color details in tresses with the inscription of the title of the collection “Str.Culture” which represents the street culture that is formed in recent years in the world.
An all day color palette of pastel and earth tones, comfy and oversized hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, Bermuda shorts and cargo pants are combined in the same collection with casual suits.
The evening closed with a series of unique Kathy Heyndels wedding dresses in simple lines, with luxurious fabrics and feminine lines.